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Parent Handbook

FPP 2024 New Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook is loaded with information about the team, the swim meets, policies, and much more. Please be sure to read through this information (especially as a new swim team family) as it will answer the majority of your questions about swimming with us.

Five Parks Swim Team Club Structure

FIVE PARKS PIRANHAS SWIM TEAM CLUB STRUCTURE The Five Parks Piranhas Swim Team is a recreational team that endorses swimming as a fun and healthy way to spend time in the summer while learning proper swimming strokes, good sportsmanship, and fostering team spirit, discipline, and respect. We are a non-profit, financially independent, summer swim club. The team …

FSA Order of Events

The Foothills Swimming Association has an established order of events that each one of our meets follows. This remains the same all the way through the League Meet. You can download your own copy of the FSA Order of Events here.

Parking during Practice and Meets

Parking during Practice and Meets Please be reminded of the following parking rules: Obey all Arvada City ordinances regarding parking; no blocking of service entrances to businesses, resident driveways, alleyways, fire hydrants, etc. NO PARKING in the lots located at 13825 W. 85th, 13741 W. 85th, and 13767 W. 85th avenues for ANY Piranhas’ events …

Swimmers Responsibilities

SWIMMER RESPONSIBILITIES With hard work comes improvement, with improvement comes determination, and with determination comes pride. Be proud of who you are and come to practices ready to work hard! Swimmers will show up prepared for a successful workout. This includes suit, cap, goggles, water bottle, etc. All equipment will be on and swimmer will …

Ten Commandments for Swimming Parents

by Rose Snyder, Managing Director Coaching Division, USOC Former Director of Club Services, USA Swimming (adapted from Ed Clendaniel’s 10 Commandments for Little League Parents) I. Thou shall not impose thy ambitions on thy child. Remember that swimming is your child’s activity. Improvements and progress occur at different rates for each individual. II. Thou shall …

Volunteer Information

Each FPP Family is required to volunteer 15 hours during the season. Learn more about Volunteer options on this page. See you at the pool!